November, 2023

The Board of Directors’ Programme

The Board Directors' Programme equips you with the knowledge and skills needed to become an effective board member. It will debunk the myths and provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the role.

October, 2023

Annual EBRD Nominee Directors’ Conference

Annual EBRD Nominee Directors' Conference - Board Threats and Solutions

June, 2023

Henley Board Directors’ Programme

The Board Directors' Programme equips you with the knowledge and skills needed to become an effective board member. It will debunk the myths and provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the role.

March, 2023

Hybrid | Enterprise Law and the Public Good

This event is centred on Dr McGaughey’s new book and its key messages, which are highly relevant in this age of sustainability challenges and persistent social and economic inequalities, which remain slow to be addressed in many democratic capitalist societies including the UK.

June, 2022

Board Directors’ Dinner

Gerry Brown will be leading a discussion about Chairing and sharing some practical experiences from his career.

January, 2022

Corporate Governance that Creates Value: Effective Board Director Programme

November, 2021

Stakeholder Governance and Universities webinar

Panellists Sir Michael Barber, Founder and Chair of Delivery Associates and former Chair of the Office for Students Gerry Brown, Chair of NovaQuest Capital Management and the IOD Centre’s Stakeholder Governance Working Group Sir Steve Smith, UK International Education Champion and former Vice-Chancellor of the University of Exeter

October, 2021

Board Directors’ Programme

This interview with Gerry Brown will focus on his personal experiences as an Independent Chairman and Director of a wide range of international companies, publicly and privately owned, and covering a range of different sectors.

April, 2021

Board Directors’ Programme Online

Professor Kakabadse will interview Gerry Brown about his personal experiences as Chairman and Independent Director of a wide range of international companies, publicly and privately owned covering a number of different sectors.

April, 2021

Q&A: Making a Difference

Gerry Brown will explain more about being or becoming an independent director as well as the possibilities and practicalities of this dynamic and important role to a global audience of London Business School fellows.

November, 2020

Sheffield University Senior leadership Team on Fundraising

Gerry Brown was invited to share the reasons for the very successful fund raising at The University of Exeter

November, 2020

Henley Business School Masters Board Directors program

Gerry Brown was invited to discuss the Crisis in Governance in the NHS,Universities,Charities and Sports sectors

September, 2020

Board Directors Programme online

Led by Professor Andrew Kakabadse, the programme is based around practitioner-led experiences and research. Over the sessions you will be introduced to a number of high-profile board experts who will share their knowledge and expertise in frank and open conversations. Through confidential group discussion, questioning and sharing your own challenges, you will get an in depth understanding of what really goes on in the boardroom and how you can make the best contribution.

July, 2020

FT Non-Executive Director Workshop

As part of the The Effective Non-Executive Director Programme, Gerry will take part in a workshop as a recognised speaker, providing skills and confidence for non-executive directors needing to prepare and enhance their careers.

June, 2020

FT Director Programme

As part of the FT's Board Director Programme, Gerry's been asked to speak at a Board Masterclass workshop on June 24th, 2020. The hugely successful workshops are led by select industry experts and professionals, designed to give delegates the opportunity to explore a topic and participate in compelling discussions

January, 2020

Cancer UK Conference Roundtable – Making the Exceptional Happen

In January Gerry was invited to the Francis Crick Institute to lead a roundtable event for the fundraising staff and relationship managers, giving them a rare chance to hear and learn from the chair of a major campaign planning board. As Chair of the University of Exeter Campaign Planning Board, Gerry gave an insight into this role along with his general experience of philanthropy and business, for campaign development and management.

January, 2020

More opportunities to hear Gerry at the Financial Times Board Director Programme

As 2020 gets underway, Gerry is back in demand to speak at Diploma programmes for the Financial Times Non-Executive Directors' Club events. Have a look at their website, you can catch Gerry throughout the year on the dates below: ​29th January 11th May 2nd September 9th November

August, 2019

Learn how to be successful in biotech

Celebrating the opening of TFS's new HQ at Medicon Village in Lund, Sweden, Gerry will be part of a seminar with a panel discussion on the Secrets to Biotech Success. Click on the link below to join him on the afternoon of 19th September, 2019.

August, 2019

CICM ‘Deal or No Deal’ Conference

In November the Chartered Institute of Credit Management invited Gerry to take part in a conference on the art of the deal as a panel member discussing deal-making for credit professionals.

May, 2019

Connected Leaders Dinner

Connected Leaders is designed to bring together a select group of senior executives and sales leaders who work in complex b2b sales environments, to network and to discuss the transformation challenges they are facing and to share insights on the strategies they are deploying. Hosted by Clarify, Gerry was a guest speaker at May's Connected Leaders dinner, held at the prestigious Sartoria restaurant on Savile Row.

November, 2018

Naked mole rats in the workplace

Gerry was invited onto the podcast, Yahoo Finance Presents It's a Jungle Out There with Lianna Brinded, where the focus was on hierarchical structures in the workplace, and what can be learned from how mole rats thrive in the complexity.

September, 2018

Bulgaria’s first ever Biotech Atelier

Bulgaria’s first ever Biotech Atelier is in September in Sofia, Bulgaria and Gerry has been personally invited to attend and help ignite the biotech entrepreneurship. Organised by the Bulgarian Business Leaders Forum (BBLF), the Bulgarian Association for Personalised Medicine (BAPEMED) and Prescriptia, the high-profile event will offer a day of insight focusing on triggering the Biotech Ecosystem in Bulgaria. Topics include biotech entrepreneurship, business leadership, intellectual property as well as RWE, HTA, value based healthcare, and many more.

June, 2018

Board Directors’ Programme at Henley Business School

Gerry's ceaseless enthusiasm and leadership in executive education presses on as he attends a private dinner and leads an informal discussion on the role and importance of the chairman. With research suggesting only 20% of global corporations operating a truly ethical approach, this session marks an enduring partnership with Henley Business School and commitment to education as a crucial element of corporate governance reform.

March, 2018

Guest speaking at Birmingham Business School

Gerry was a guest speaker on the Masters Degree in Finance course at Birmingham Business School, where he shared his extensive personal experience as a company chairman and independent director. The session was attended by students taking the Corporate Governance Theory and Practice module of the Masters Degree in Finance.

March, 2018

See Gerry at the Financial Times Non-Executive Directors’ Club

According to corporate governance expert Gerry Brown, education for non-executive directors is essential for the evolving demands of this influential role. Make the most of this limited opportunity to hear first hand from pro board members like Gerry, as he leads the Diploma Induction Workshops at the FT on March 6th and September 12th. Gerry is also reviving his position as panellist for The Effective Non-Executive Director Workshops on March 21st, May 8th and November 7th this year.

November, 2017

Board Directors’ Programme at Henley Business School

The role of the chairman, is the focus of November's Board Directors' Programme. Aimed at current board members and focused on performance, this evening is focused on performance and being effective, giving a real view of what it means to be a board member.

October, 2017

Professional Development for European Directors

Gerry maintains his support for the ecoDa, this time by leading a session on The Independent Director as part of their European Director training event in the final week of October 2017. Designed to be a broad programme, it will cover practical topics like case studies, as well as a discussion and knowledge-sharing sessions, with a focus focused on directorships in different European corporate governance systems.

September, 2017

Non-Executive Directors: the benefit to your company and how to find them

This autumn Gerry will be partnering up with the NEDonBoard organisation to unmask the NED role, discussing the value it brings and exploring relevant case studies based on first hand experience. NEDonBoard is the professional body for non-executives, with a community of non-executive directors and business leaders allowing members to network with others, enhance their director profile, sharpen governance knowledge as well find their next role.

May, 2017

Personal development workshop for leaders at Henley Business School

Gerry will be supporting a new leadership event at one of the UK's oldest and established schools, Henley Business School, part of the University of Reading. Yetunde Hofmann and Professor Kevin Money will offer guidance through the essential attributes needed for effective leadership, teams and performance. 'Developing your most critical leadership capability' is designed for leaders to make the most out of the day and leave with a potent action plan.

May, 2017

Journey to the C-suite with Henley Business School

Andrew Kakabadse is a leading professor at Henley Business School. He recently headed up an informal Q&A panel to discuss C-suite careers along with Gerry Brown, Jonathan Flint and Carolyn Porter. With many MBA students aspiring to take on roles at C-suite level, the session addressed pertinent questions such as: What does a C-suite role look like in practice? How do you make the transition to the C-suite? What skills does it require to operate at this level? What’s the difference between C-suite roles and Board level roles?

May, 2017

The Independent Director in Society

Gerry is a longstanding partner of the FT's Non-Executive Director's Club and follower of its programmes. Most recently he lent support to the Diploma course by sharing his impressive boardroom experience in front of the camera for the Diploma cohort to take full advantage of and gain exclusive insights into the development of an independent director.

March, 2017

Industry Leaders affirm and debate BioPharma Boardroom Diversity

Meet Gerry at BMA House, London on March 28th where he will be part of a panel discussion hosted by Liftstream and MedCity to discuss boardroom diversity. With research showing that only 10% of biotech board directors are represented by women and nearly half of biotech boards are male, this event will address these areas, the advantages of diversity, and uncover more on the various diversity initiatives in the UK.

February, 2017

Stopping Company Scandal

The recent revelations on the workings of corporations and enterprises is a sign of our times, with household names making the headlines for some of their risky business practices. According to Gerry, independent directors are the custodians of a company, and as such have a responsibility in governance to help prevent these type of events. Gerry will delve further into this and more with the MBA students at the University of Surrey's Business School as part of the The Business Insight Lab. The lab has been designed to bring together academic research with business and industry and teach business skills to the digital age, through collaboration and experimentation.

November, 2016

Keeping it real on The Financial Times’ Non-Executive Director Diploma

The FT's Non-Executive Director Diploma is a post-graduate qualification aimed at current and non-executive directors, designed to increase confidence and understanding of the role as well as improve personal contribution to the boardroom. Gerry took questions from the delegates, offering a valuable insight into the realities of life as an independent director.

October, 2016

Driving gender diversity in governance

The European Women on Boards organisation are leading the dialogue around boardroom diversity and continue to champion the cause, launching the EWoB Talent Pool - an online database of board ready women. Gerry will be part of a panel discussion along with other Talent Pool members toasting the start of this initiative and promoting the opportunities of a gender balanced boardroom.

September, 2016

Discovering what it takes to become boardroom ready

Clarify work with global B2B enterprises and dynamic tech start-ups engaged in high value complex sales. As part of their Connected Leaders series of events, Gerry's keynote covers familiar areas such as compliance and regulatory control, addresses what's needed in a post-Brexit world, and gets down to the fundamentals of making the leap from established executive to independent director.

June, 2016

Exeter Leadership Partners Scheme

As an alumnus and longstanding champion for the University of Exeter, Gerry continued to support the Business School by joining the Exeter Leadership Partners scheme at an event at Cumberland Lodge, Windsor Great Park. Unlocking the leadership potential of individuals and organisations is a fundamental aim of the Business School, and they seek to achieve this is in a number of ways, one of which is the cross fertilisation of ideas, approaches and resolutions. Continuing to inspire, this event which took place on 7th - 8th June will be one of a series centred on the role of non-executive director - the perfect forum to hear directly from renowned author and expert Gerry.

April, 2016

Brains Trust Panel: Networking for Results

The Executive Network (TEN) has been helping executives in the last 15 years keep pace with continually accelerating change in the world of business. As a growing independent organisation, it draws members from all industry sectors, functional backgrounds and geographic locations. TEN enables you to develop and grow your network, giving you access to a talent pool, information exchange, business and career opportunities, establishing friendships and bonding.

April, 2016

Keynote speech at Exeter’s Business Leaders Forum

A University of Exeter alumnus, Gerry has a long established relationship with this prestigious institution. The business school has hosted the Exeter Business Leaders Forum (BLF) for the last 20 years, and invited Gerry to present the keynote speech as special guest for the evening, to discuss his book the 'The Independent Director' and the research behind it. The BLF is the South West's premier networking group for senior business people, enabling them to stay up-to-date with current trends in business, and to exchange knolwedge and developing ideas through their peers an with leading academics at the University.

March, 2016

What does it mean to be an Independent Director in Europe?

The European Confederation of Directors’ Association (ecoDa) which groups the main institutes of directors in Europe including the British IoD has developed a two day education programme for board members in Brussels. This European module for directors and supervisory board members provides them with a European perspective on board functioning and corporate governance.

March, 2016

Gerry lectures at leading London business school

Cass Business School is one of the world’s leading business schools, and this spring, Gerry was invited to the full-time MBA programme to speak as part of the Corporate Governance Module. With the role of the independent director being a key issue of the moment this is a pertinent session which is of great value for the students.

March, 2016

Henley Business School’s Board Directors’ Programme

With the belief that mentoring is at the heart of an effective board, the Board Directors' Programme prepares students to fully engage with all stakeholders in their organisation and add real, sustainable value to the business. Gerry was asked to deliver a session as part of this important programme, an opportunity for Henley Business School to make the most of Gerry's extensive experience as a board director across a range of industries.

March, 2016

Gerry joins the European Women on Boards network as a mentor

March sees the exciting launch of the European Women on Boards Network (EWoB) mentoring programme for talented women at C-Suite level from across Europe. EWoB were looking for highly experienced and inspiring individuals to act as mentors and invited Gerry to participate, to which he happily accepted. Of this opportunity to help develop women at the top, Gerry says "In my book I draw attention to the real need for greater diversity on Boards in order to improve the contribution made by Board members in dealing with the many difficult issues in today's complex business environment. Whilst some progress has been made in some countries, there is a real need to improve Board selection to ensure that women are given equal opportunities to be appointed to Boards. Appropriate coaching can help to bring out skills and experience; which is why I accepted the invitation to be a mentor with European Women on Boards."

March, 2016

Guest speaker at Cass Business School

Gerry has been invited by PwC to be guest speaker on the Professional Development Programme at Cass Business School. Aimed at aspiring NEDs, the participants will gain understanding of the serious responsibilities and accountabilities of a board role. Practical sessions will help identify Non-Executive Director opportunities, and enable success in the boardroom.

November, 2015

Leadership in Action at Imperial College Business School

"We inspire brilliant minds to be the world’s future leaders of business and society. We drive global business and social transformation through the fusion of business, technology and an entrepreneurial mindset." This is the mission statement at Imperial College Business School in London, where Gerry has been asked to speak to this year's Executive MBA students.

September, 2015

London Business School

Gerry was a guest speaker at the school's Sloan Executive Development and MBA programmes where he covered topics such as the future of the independent director and the skills required to be successful in this role.

September, 2015

Masterclass for the Association of Corporate Counsel

The Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC) is a global bar association that promotes the common professional and business interests of in-house counsel who work for corporations, associations and other private-sector organisations through information, education, networking opportunities and advocacy initiatives.

July, 2015

London Stock Exchange Elite programme

The programme aims to support ambitious UK private companies towards further growth and investment. It allows participants to benefit form real life experience and expert knowledge. Gerry talked about good governance, ethical and issues faced, and board effectiveness. Many practical examples were given drawn from the 11 case studies in the book.

June, 2015

The Financial Times: The Effective Non-Executive Director Programme

This two-day workshop was aimed at existing and aspiring NEDs giving delegates the understanding of necessary legal and regulatory framework. Gerry was a panel member of experienced independent directors answering questions and sharing knowledge with an audience of directors attending the programme.

June, 2015

Wharton Club of Great Britain in London

Gerry spent an evening at the Wharton Club, an association for the alumni of the prestigious Wharton Business School (University of Pennsylvania, USA). With guests made up of investors, business owners, executives, aspiring and experienced non-executive directors, Gerry gave a presentation on the growing importance of the role, the challenges and why independent directors have become the real custodians of companies.

March, 2015

Inspiring Non-Executive Directors and Chairmen

The purpose of the event was to create a platform for collective learning, developing further skills and pespecitve, maximising in turn the value that NED's give the board as well as the support it offers the executive team. Gerry was the guest speaker and spoke about the main messages reflected in his book. The book has been endorsed by Critical Eye

March, 2015

Governance and Ethics in Business lecture

In March, Gerry gave a lecture at the University of Exeter business school on corporate governance and leadership.

July, 2014

Exeter University Business School

A great believer that education is the future for business stability, Gerry presented to the MBA programme on the importance of Company Corporate Governance from a practitioner's perspective.

July, 2014

Mentoring with Criticaleye

As part of a series of ongoing sessions, Gerry shares his expertise, and mentors newly appointed Chief Executives to help them become effective Board members.

July, 2014

Presentation at RBS and BDO conference

At a strategic conference discussing the future challenges for Boards in the life sciences industry, Gerry presented key learnings and how to covercome them to ensure future business success.

July, 2014

Professional Boards Forum

At this insightful forum, Gerry joined other FTSE Chairmen to help recognise and promote the opportunities for talented women to join Boards.

July, 2014

Financial Times NED Club: Women on Boards

Gerry has always believed diversity within an organisation is integral to its success, including the benefit of having women at a senior level. Gerry was invited by the Financial Times to join a senior-level panel member to discuss 'Women on Boards'.