Chairman, NovaQuest Capital Management

2010 — Present

Novaquest Capital was a spin out from Quintiles having been the Corporate Venture division.The initial investors were PharmaBio, TPG, Bain Capital Temesek and 3i and Mitsui. Its mission is to provide strategic capital to life sciences and healthcare companies.With experience managing over $3bn of investor capital across multiple asset classes, the firm provides a robust life sciences and healthcare platform focussed on promoting the development and growth of next generation drugs, technologies and services.

Chairman, NFT Distribution Holdings Ltd

2006 — 2010

NFT was the UK leader in primary chilled food distribution transporting products from manufacturers to retailers including Sainsburys, ASDA and Marks and Spencer’s It was a Management Buy Out from Northern Foods financed by Phoenix Equity . NFT was sold to the Asian PE Fund Emergevest for a very attractive return to the investors.

Chairman, Biocompatibles plc

2006 — 2010

A medical devices company focused on Drug Eluting Beads and Stents in the treatment of cancer and cardiovascular disease. The principal challenges were to transform a research and development company into a profit making enterprise through the global commercialisation of its products .The company was acquired by BTG plc at a very good premium for the shareholders.

Senior Independent Director, Forth Ports plc

2003 — 2011

A leading player in the UK ports industry based in Edinburgh. It operates 6 ports and has an extensive property portfolio . It became a plc in 1991 and has continued to grow and diversify.Main challenges included the diversification of services in ports and property and the expansion of the customer base It was acquired by Arcus Infrastructure Fund for a very good premium for shareholders.

Chairman, UPOL Ltd

2003 — 2006

A leading international manufacturer of premium branded consumer products for repair of damaged vehicles. It was a family business founded in 1949 ,in 2002 an MBO funded by Graphite Capital private equity took place.The main challenges were to diversify the product range and to expand the export markets The business was sold to ABN AMRO in a secondary buyout for a very successful exit .

Independent Director, Michael Gerson Ltd

2003 — 2005

A leading international removals and relocation business providing services to multinational companies, investment banks, law firms and international agencies. In 2002 it was the subject of an MBO funded by the Bank Of Scotland via its Integrated Finance offer. The Principal challenges were to diversify its range of services and customer base.

Senior Independent Director, Keller plc

2001 — 2013

A leading global construction services group with subsidiaries in over 30 countries specialising in foundation, structural repair, and maintenance and building refurbishment. Major Projects included the foundations for the Olympic Stadium in London.It grew successfully from a niche player into a more broadly based global business with a wider portfolio of services and greater geographic coverage.Challenges included a major strategic review in the wake of a severe economic downturn and the subsequent successful restructuring .Others were the due diligence of acquisitions in USA,Europe and Asia to ensure that they added value.

Represented 3i on the Board, Vantec Corporation (Japan)

2001 — 2006

An international logistics company; until 2001 it was a subsidiary of Nissan Motors. Then it was subject to the biggest management buy-out in Japan, funded by 3i and PPM Ventures who together invested £85 million.Challenges included transforming an in house organisation into a free standing commercial entity and the diversification into other market sectors and geographic expansion eg China .In 2003 a successful exit was achieved when a secondary MBO funded by the Japanese bank Mizuho took place . Now quoted on the Nikkei Exchange.

Independent Director, CH Jones Ltd

2001 — 2006

A UK business focused on Information Technology. It was a privately owned holding company which had diversified from fuel management bunkering systems into providing comprehensive fuel management information. Challenges included ensuring that the strategy was very focussed and improving the company’s governance in preparation for the future disposal.A very successful exit was achieved when the business was sold to a US trade buyer.

Independent Director, Quintiles Transnational Corporation (USA)

1998 — 2010

The Market leader in integrated product development and commercial solutions globally to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industries. In 1993 it became a quoted company on NASDAQ .Then it was taken private in 2003 and the principle investors included TPG, Temesek, Bain Capital and 3i. It is now quoted on the NY Stock Exchange. Very fast growth rate and diversification has been achieved it has also developed internationally into over 55 countries

Chairman Mainland Europe, Tibbett & Britten Group plc

1998 — 2000

UK based International Group, providing Logistics services in 33 countries, focusing on Retail, Clothing & Textiles, High-Tech, Food, Consumer and Automotive Sectors. In 1986 it became a plc and later was acquired by Exel plc. It had grown at 30% p.a. and developed internationally with 50% revenue outside of the UK.

Independent Director, Datrontech plc

1996 — 2000

Focussed on Communications & Computer Products Distribution it was listed on the UK stock market in March 1995. It was a rapidly growing company, diversifying away from memory distribution to PC components and network products and growing internationally. Then consolidation and substantial disinvestment was necessary because of global market changes.

Executive Director, TDG plc

1996 — 1998

A UK-based European business, with subsidiaries in Supply Chain Logistics, Vehicle Rental, Contract Hire, and Plant Hire. TDG was a holding company with over 100 subsidiaries . Due to shareholder pressure it was decided to downsize and to consolidate into fewer larger subsidiaries.

Operations Director, NFC plc, Exel plc (now DHL)

1995 — 1997

A diverse group covering, international supply chain logistics, contract hire, vehicle rental and car leasing for grocery retail, grocery manufacturing, non-food retail, automotive, petroleum and chemicals and utilities market sectors. NFC became a plc in 1982. The business grew fast from £400m to £2.3bn in 1995, with 50% turnover outside UK.

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