28 Nov, 2023

Football clubs & the King’s Speech

23 Oct, 2023

Annual Board Evaluations suggestion

23 Jun, 2023

Post Office Limited bonus scheme

03 Apr, 2023

Boardroom dysfunction warning signs from finance & banking history

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Better corporate governance of AI, ChatGPT & deep learning implementations

24 Jan, 2023

NHS crisis foretold

21 Dec, 2022

2026 World Cup – reform accountability & governance at FIFA?

16 Dec, 2022

FTX collapse exposes a crisis of corporate governance inside the boardrooms of their investors too

29 Oct, 2022

Jeremy Hunt & the official NHS maintenance backlog ERIC

21 Oct, 2022

Potemkin exercise in independent scrutiny at UK water & sewer companies

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Keeping non-executive directors independent

20 Jun, 2022

What is the Eskimo-Aleut word for ESG?

15 May, 2022

Shadow boards & Football

07 Apr, 2022

Disaster in the Boardroom Questions and Answers

16 Oct, 2021

SEC Proxy Voting records legislation for mutual funds & ETFs news

08 Sep, 2021

When ERIC met Rishi

07 Aug, 2021

Crouch Report on football governance – advance leak of draft proposals

10 Jul, 2021

Hard working NEDs in NHS ill-served by furore over appointment practices of ex-Secretary of State for Health

29 May, 2021

Governance 21st birthday comments

22 Apr, 2021

Mooted Super League breakaway shines light on poor governance in UK football

26 Mar, 2021

Kwasi Kwarteng White Paper proposals examined

22 Mar, 2021

Making The Exceptional Happen

09 Mar, 2021

Significant, possibly, insurmountable corporate governance challenges face the UK charities sector

04 Mar, 2021

Petronius on NHS Reform Proposals

02 Feb, 2021

Clarion call for independent directors to join the governing bodies of our local community organisations

31 Jan, 2021

Making a Difference Book Launch: Questions & Answers

22 Jan, 2021

Governance failings are putting UK universities at risk of collapse

23 Nov, 2020

Football Association Chairman Greg Clarke resigns

23 Nov, 2020

Corporate governance issues in the NHS

23 Nov, 2020

Parties, Fines and Value for Money refunds for fee-paying UK university students

23 Nov, 2020

Football Association ‘Project Big Picture’ fiasco

03 Nov, 2020

Book Launch: The Independent Director in Society Questions and Answers

02 Jun, 2020

Further corporate governance blunders pend at Facebook despite window dressing of Oversight Board

15 Apr, 2020

Eleven Great Corporate Governance Lockdown retro reads

20 Jan, 2020

BlackRock’s Larry Fink takes private jet to Davos to warn of climate risk to investments

25 Nov, 2019

UK Sport to finish outside the corporate governance medals in Tokyo 2020, Beijing 2022 & Paris 2024?

15 Oct, 2019

“Stakeholder” activism initiative possibly fatally undermines “healthy environment” commitments

08 Oct, 2019

Office of Students fails reassure over UK University/HE sector finances & corporate governance

13 Aug, 2019

Human NEDs to trump A.I. and A.I. Directors in the boardroom?

02 Jul, 2019

FA Board receives red card over England Lioness led football revolution

21 May, 2019

Why do FTSE 250 companies continue to outsource their strategic & corporate governance reality checks to non-executive directors drawn from elsewhere?

14 Apr, 2019

NED sized corporate governance hole in MBA curriculum requires filling now as 20-year time lag between lessons & execution

15 Jan, 2019

Chairmen fret & moan in buzzwords according to Deloitte Report

14 Dec, 2018

What similarities & differences does the Nissan Ghosn scandal reveal between the comparative current states of UK & Japanese corporate governance?

20 Nov, 2018

Six questions all directors should ask themselves today

02 Sep, 2018

Stakeholder advocacy – cosplaying land grab or serious change to the purpose of a corporation?

17 Aug, 2018

Cognitive dissonance over public employee pay is to detriment of Government expertise, policy delivery & staff motivation

15 Jul, 2018

New report finds government departmental boards held back by bad management of & poor leadership by Secretaries of State (sub-optimal corporate governance undermines policy delivery)

01 Jun, 2018

Mandatory annual report Underboarding Statement required to measure, manage & end overboarding

05 Feb, 2018

Carillion exposes full majesty of the current ‘open the stable door further after the horse has bolted’ FRC corporate governance consultation

21 Dec, 2017

12 Corporate Governance days of Christmas

21 Dec, 2017

Placebo effect FRC corporate governance consultation will at best only offer a homeopathic cure for boardroom ills suggests expert

21 Dec, 2017

Corporate Governance Dunderclass – who are the CEOs with the most supine non-executives or Chairmen

30 Oct, 2017

Richard Greenbury Corporate Governance memorial legislation from the Government is urgently required

30 Oct, 2017

FA Chairman Greg Clarke threatened to resign over corporate governance plans, yet clings on despite serial executive ineptitude

17 Aug, 2017

FA Report Card

24 May, 2017

Gender inequality, secrecy and inaction is the order of the day at the Football Association under newish Chairman Greg Clarke

08 May, 2017

Ongoing sweet FA from Football Association when it comes to corporate governance best practice

02 Mar, 2017

The Independent Director responds to Government Green Paper on Corporate Government Reform

14 Feb, 2017

Diversity leads to fewer scandals and more effective boards

14 Feb, 2017

Possible £30m penalty ahead for Football Association over lack of non-executive directors (expert demands red card for Chairman Clarke over ongoing own goals)

27 Jan, 2017

Avoiding Company Scandals: 8 warning signs of board level pathology

15 Dec, 2016

Five ways Theresa May can reboot and strengthen her green paper on corporate governance

17 Nov, 2016

Gerry’s influence as The Independent Director spans the web

14 Sep, 2016

Global leadership in free trade requires we utilise our free standing army of independent non-executive directors fully

05 Sep, 2016

Let the battle commence

22 Aug, 2016

Are Waterstones turning back the pages of their own success story with a 58% board reduction?

05 Aug, 2016

Balancing gender diversity from the top

17 May, 2016

8 NED best practice steps for BBC Unitary Board proposals (that also protect the future independence of the BBC)

12 May, 2016

Corporate Governance, Reform and the BBC

11 May, 2016

Video: Gerry interviewed by Smarter Networking

04 May, 2016

Activist investors…and how to avoid them!

11 Apr, 2016

10 reasons to consider Private Equity as part of a healthy investment portfolio

04 Apr, 2016

Winning combination of Private Equity & Independent Directors delivers better returns & management (& less scandals)

14 Dec, 2015

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

01 Sep, 2015

Video: what it means to be an independent director

13 Apr, 2015

In pictures: spectacular book launch at the Institute of Directors

10 Apr, 2015

Video: Gerry on CNBC

02 Apr, 2015

Video: The Independent Director book launch at the IoD

04 Mar, 2015

The Financial Times spotlights Gerry’s book