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Making a Difference: Leadership Change and Giving Back The Independent Director Way

Are you one of the many people in this life who want to make a difference? What if the time you give up could make a real lasting difference to your community and change the lives of thousands. The answer is to become an Independent Director.

Independent Directors play a vital role in so many aspects of society including the NHS, Charities, Sporting Bodies, Educational Establishments, Business. Now more than ever these organisations are crying out for diverse, committed and engaged Independent Directors. This is especially the case because of Covid 19 and its consequences for us all. This book is the essential guide to what to expect as an ID, how to get a position and what you can achieve once you have one. So once you have read it you will really know how to make a difference.

Published by De Gruyter

Some of the questions answered in Making a Difference: Leadership Change and Giving Back The Independent Director Way

Why do people want to make a difference as an Independent Director?

How do people make a difference as an Independent Director?

What kind of opportunities are there to make a difference as an Independent Director?

What are some of the challenges and pitfalls?

What knowledge, skills and experience is needed to succeed?

What are some of the benefits of board diversity?

What are the benefits and rewards of being an Independent Director?

How to find the best opportunities?

What will you be signing up for?

How to apply?

How is selection made?

What advice for first time Independent Director’s?

Chris Hopson Chief Executive of NHS Providers, the membership organisation for NHS

Being a public sector or charity independent non executive director is a fantastic way to contribute to our national life. The NHS, like many public services and charities, needs a broader, more diverse, range of candidates for these important roles. This excellent book sets out what’s involved and how to find the right opportunity.

Charlotte Valeur Chair Institute of Directors

I really enjoyed reading this compelling book about becoming an Independent Director of not for profit enterprises. Intertwined with real life stories from a variety of interesting individuals  it is engaging throughout.

Professor Malcolm Kirkup Pro Vice Chancellor, University of Westminster and Head, Westminster Business School

In this book, Gerry Brown sets out the role of Independent Directors: how talented and informed volunteers can contribute as counsellors, guides and mentors in helping organisations steer strategy, manage risk, ensure accountability and deliver to stakeholders.  There is no better time, or more important time, to step forward and share our energy, expertise and wisdom to help organisations, businesses and society move forward in the new world.

Lord Robin Teverson

Gerry Brown is a passionate advocate of board room diversity. Not only that, he challenges us all to take on one of these roles, and see it as a means to make a much wider contribution to society; a way of growing our life experience. He is very persuasive, with many real world examples

Richard Atkins Further Education Commissioner, Council Member The University of Exeter

Gerry Brown’s excellent book is the perfect guide for anyone considering joining a governing body as an independent director, as well as being a best practice guide for existing Chairs and IDs. As organisations rebuild after the impact of the pandemic, there has never been a more important time to provide good governance.