Clarion call for independent directors to join the governing bodies of our local community organisations

COLLECTIVELY we have never had more time on our hands, yet local community organisations – whether charities, food banks, sports clubs etc -  have been side-swiped and are crying out for committed, passionate and experienced people to help. With unemployment on the rise finally many people have the time, means, motive and opportunity to fully and meaningfully contribute to their local communities.

For us all the search for meaning or purpose in these pandemic times means that helping and giving back is often the best way of moving forward. In this perfect time to give back and look differently on how we can make a difference how do we seize this moment in a way that is good for me, good for you and good for our local community but also good for our chances of future work?

In my new book Make a Difference: Leadership, Change and Giving Back the Independent Director Way, I suggest that now is the best ever time to become or think of becoming an independent director or non-executive director in old money.

My book makes the case for and shows how volunteering to become an independent director allows you make a difference to social provision and services offered within your local community by using your existing talents and skills while doing so also boosts the calibre and appeal of your curriculum vitae at the same time.

Making a Difference identifies that we already have on hand a cadre of available high-skilled workers willing and able to step into the breach to help save, resurrect or resuscitate the local bodies, institutions and clubs - so badly impacted and imperilled by the coronavirus – that fill the gaps or provide vital support in our local communities.

My book explains how to translate your particular skills and abilities into concrete action as well as what to do, look out for and guard against. I also make the business benefits case for improved government and employer support of corporate volunteering to motivate and retain existing employees while also demonstrating corporate social responsibility by providing vital help to our communities.

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